User-Friendly Microsites for Microscope Dealers

The initiator of the project is Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH with headquarters in Göttingen. The company is part of the ZEISS Group, which is an international leader in the optical and optoelectronic industry and represented in over 40 countries worldwide. Customers in the narrower sense are selected ZEISS partners in the Europe-wide dealer network.

The Challenge

Zeiss Microscopy GmbH sells its products through a Europe-wide dealer network. Selected dealers are to be supported with suitable measures to specifically promote sales of ZEISS microscopes. On the websites of the dealers, the ZEISS devices are only presented as a part of the overall portfolio. Since the websites usually do not contain any relevant terms, they are often not even found in relevant search engine queries. In addition, many potential customers are overwhelmed by the extensive configuration options of ZEISS microscopes and the presentation of the products based on their technical specifications.

The Solution

To increase sales of ZEISS microscopes via the dealer network, Blackbit has implemented microsites for the respective dealers. On special landing pages, which are oriented towards the application areas or target groups for the various devices, the complete product range is no longer presented, but only a selection of microscopes for specific applications. In this way, potential customers can find suitable equipment for their needs even without previous knowledge of the model. The texts of the landing pages contain relevant keywords for the respective area of application, so that they can be found easily by search engine users with corresponding inquiries. These onpage measures are supported by a corresponding AdWords campaign.

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