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You are an enthusiastic frontend developer, passionate about digital commerce and know how to make users happy?

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Senior Developer für Digital Commerce

You know your way around shop software? Digital commerce is your passion?

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Welcome to the team: This is how we work

On November 24th the Talent Festival 2020 of media:net berlinbrandenburg took place! Originally, the event was supposed to take place at Barmer, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated restrictions, it was held via Airmeet. We created a powerful video for the occasion to introduce ourselves and our agency for digital commerce.

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„Be nothing but yourself!“

We pursue this goal - both internally and externally. We are convinced that extraordinary things do not arise from confinement, but from the freedom to develop oneself. Love what you do, then limits become just small obstacles on the way to the unprecedented - that is one of the secrets of our long success. Of course, freedom also requires a lot of personal responsibility - but that's obvious. 

As much as we love the challenge, moments of switching off are also important to us: taking off the spacesuit, recharging our batteries and letting our feet dangle. Our motto: Keep your balance, mate!  We are very proud of this, because it is far from being standard in our business. With a fresh mind and new strength, we can launch into new adventures.

Does that sound like your philosophy of life? Then send us your adventurer's licence quickly and convince us with your qualities. Our crew is already very curious and looking forward to meeting you.  

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