Delicatessen Portal as New Sales Channel

The wholesale company Antonio Viani Importe GmbH is one of the leading importers of Mediterranean delicatessen specialities. In view of the growing importance of online trade, Viani has decided to serve the B2C market with a new brand identity and a relaunch of its online shop.

The Challenge

The new Viani brand store should offer more than high-quality product photographs and comprehensive product information. It should convey emotions, individuality and exciting background knowledge, thus creating a brand world of its own, through which the fine food importer can clearly position itself in the market environment. The requirements of the specialist public and consumers must be met in equal measure in terms of user guidance, depth of information and pricing.

Central article maintenance simply via the backend

Editorial content conveys emotions and quality

Useful article recommendations for regional cuisine

Clear presentation of product-invidual information

Attractively illustrated food stories, recipes and

2021: Flowing Transitions From Stationary Trade to the Digital World of Enjoyment

Now the task was to seamlessly link online and offline the Viani world that had grown over the years to offer an uninterrupted, user-friendly shopping experience.

The new web relaunch was not only to add new content and offers (vouchers, cooking courses, shop locations) to Viani's online presence and give the site a fresher look, but also to harmonise it with stationary services and products in Viani stores. Customers were to be provided with a holistic, cross-channel experience.

In addition to maximum user-friendliness, the aim of the relaunch was to address the public in a way that warmly welcomes customers, including more targeted addressing of B2B and B2C customers. At the same time, the operator's efforts for data management and synchronisation were to be minimised.

The New Solution

Cross-channel commerce: Via Pimcore, the web systems were harmonised with the cash register system in the shops. Through regular data synchronisation, both systems are always on the same level with regard to vouchers, cooking course dates and data about other services.

Cleaner code and a new technical basis also ensure better page performance and compatibility with future Pimcore versions. Modern Twig templates with Vue.JS components ensure optimal responsiveness of the website and faster loading of dynamic page content.

A reduced, clean web design with unambiguous shapes and clear contrasts guarantees an intuitively usable website whose content is clearly presented. The creation of two separate shops that access a centrally maintained database ensures that target groups are addressed accurately.

The Result

The dwell time and the conversion rate of the online shop quickly increased by more than 30 % after the relaunch. The new services offered by Viani, such as vouchers and online tastings, are being accepted with enthusiasm.

The technical update and the mobile optimisation of the design doubled sales via smartphones and tablets already in the first month after implementation.

The Second Great Success

As in 2016, the industry's recognition is not long in coming: Nominated for the German Digital Award 2021 in the subcategory Visual Design, Viani and Blackbit feel confirmed in the implementation of their visions and in their feel for the market. The needs of B2B and B2C customers are met unerringly - thanks to a technically innovatively designed shopping experience and smart features that sweeten the lives of customers and salespeople.

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