Smart Sales Target Identification Tool.

Founded in Hamburg in 2007, Statista is now one of the most successful statistical databases worldwide. The online portal makes data from market and opinion research institutions as well as from business and official statistics available in German and English. According to its own information, the platform contains more than 1,000,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 sources covering around 170 different economic and industrial sectors.


The Challenge

In order to identify interesting locations as sales targets, a large DAX company approached Statista with the following assignment: The task was to create a web tool with map and filter functionality that uses statistical data and makes it easier for the company's sales representatives to acquire new customers. Statista had previously researched the required data using various databases and made it available to the company. Until now, it was not possible to manage this data centrally or to update the data sources without considerable effort. The DAX company now urgently needed a tool that would allow its employees to filter and display acquisition areas according to defined criteria and based on economic, infrastructural, environmental and connectivity factors. Statista turned to Blackbit for the fastest possible development of this sales tool.

Implementation/Solution: Pimcore as Headless CMS

In a workshop we first defined the requirements exactly together with Statista. Once the data structure and data format had been determined, we coordinated the conceptual design for the sales tool and created a wireframe. Then we programmed the backend including an interface to the Statista database and designed the frontend according to CI specifications. We used Pimcore as the basis for our solution. The flexible open source framework with content-as-a-service functionality (CaaS) offers the best conditions for customer-specific applications. Since backend and frontend are decoupled from each other (headless CMS), the centrally and media-neutral stored content can be made available for any output via a standardized interface. This allows a more flexible use of the data and grants virtually unlimited freedom in the design of the frontend.

So we could ideally implement the desired functions for the sales tool with Pimcore: The field staff can now access and administer all relevant data centrally. Current data can be easily imported into the web tool in Excel or CSV format. Users can filter, display and download this data according to their needs. The tool has an interactive map with extensive filter options so that potential customers in the region can be located quickly. Users can save frequently used filter settings and score records or search results.

The intuitive rights and role management of Pimcore is also used in the web tool: The DAX company can create users manually or import employee lists and assign the desired access and usage rights. If an account is no longer needed, it can be deactivated at any time.

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