Strong Image Thanks to Excellent Communication Campaign

Stadtwerke Göttingen AG supplies the citizens of Göttingen with gas, water and district heating and has committed itself to the topics of sustainability and energy system transformation. The company also operates two multi-storey car parks and a natural gas filling station.

The Challenge

Stadtwerke Göttingen AG approached Blackbit with the desire to present itself as a service-oriented, friendly supplier and sustainable driver of the energy turnaround.


With a claim, an image campaign and an image clip, Blackbit has provided the municipal utilities with effective means to present the company in a positive light. As a basis for these measures, a new design concept was developed and the corporate design was slightly revised.

The new claim "Kurs: Natürlich Zukunft!" (Course: Naturally future!) summarizes briefly and precisely the concern to act sustainably and environmentally friendly in order to shape the future positively. The green script underlines the claim's message and stands in pleasant contrast to the orange-grey lettering of the logo. The design of the advertisements for the image campaign is characterised by childlike illustrations that are appealing and show everyday situations in which services provided by the municipal utilities are used. The advertisement headlines are based on the model of "Die Stadtwerke machen, dass ..." (The municipal utilities do that ...) and also summarise in a childlike way one area of performance of the municipal utilities. The running text then contains more detailed explanations of the respective advertisement topic. A further, newly developed design element is the speech bubble, which contains the Stadtwerke logo and the website address as well as any current information. The idea and implementation also convinced the jury of the renowned reference work "Jahr der Werbung" (Year of Advertising), among others, so that the campaign is represented in the print category of the 2013 edition. In addition to pure image ads, Blackbit has also designed action ads in this style, for example to advertise the promotion of mini CHPs, a playful bus sticker and banners. Furthermore, a charming and informative image clip is one of the measures implemented by Blackbit. In order to ensure that the new design elements will continue to be applied consistently in the future, Blackbit has revised the existing corporate design manual of the municipal utility and added the new design elements.

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