Competition Analysis and Website Relaunch for Kanne Premium Tools

As a manufacturer of high-quality cutting tools and specialist for professional tool reconditioning, Kanne Premium Tools has been successful for over 30 years and supplies well-known customers from all over northern and eastern Germany. The portfolio of the medium-sized company includes custom-made tools for wood and metal processing as well as a reconditioning service and selected standard tools from renowned manufacturers.

The Challenge

The company Kanne Premiumwerkzeuge wanted a new internet presence, with which the company can positively stand out from the competition in its external presentation. The development and realisation of the website relaunch should focus on the goals of supporting the sales force and promoting new customer acquisition.

The Solution

As a starting point for the development of the website relaunch, Blackbit conducted a comprehensive competitive analysis for Kanne Premium Tools. In this context, the websites of almost twenty competitors from the metal and wood/plastic industry were analyzed. Numerous criteria such as the functionality of the website, the quality of the portfolio presented and the communication of customer proximity were used to evaluate and position the competitors. Based on this detailed analysis and Kanne's objectives, we worked with the company to define attributes that should be conveyed to Internet users when they visit the Kanne website. Building on this, we created a modern website that combines user-friendliness and meaningful product and service information with confidence-building elements and credibly conveys the company's strong service orientation. The new website already stands out from the competition in purely visual terms: lots of white space and numerous professional photos from the production process convey openness, transparency and trustworthiness. The user-friendly structure ensures that website visitors quickly find what they are looking for. The introduction of the respective product managers and a quick contact form make it easier to contact the company, and the integrated newsletter service also contributes to customer and prospect care.

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