Networks With a Central System

Hamburg@work brings together companies from different industries in a cluster to network and sensitize decision-makers for a successful digital transformation. By centralising the online platform on a pimcore basis, sources of error were eliminated and the digital network was able to optimise internal & external communication.

The Challenge

Hamburg@work communicated with its members on several separate online presences: While the number of profiles was constantly increasing, their quality was decreasing - therefore, in the course of redesigning the platform, the data of the existing system landscape was to be consolidated. A central platform would validate data and keep it constantly updated without cumbersome maintenance processes.

Members and interested parties will find useful information ...

... as well as exclusive events and trade shows.


The digitalisation of the ticket system was a major milestone

Centralization with Open Source

Based on the open-source framework Pimcore, Blackbit created a unified, feature-rich platform that members of the digital cluster can use as intuitively as their employees. Thus, the administrative effort was noticeably reduced and the quality of the data master was improved:

  • Content curation as well as personalized information on the website and via newsletter through the Customer Data Management Framework of Pimcore
  • Api integration of club software and newsletter system: All systems networked via interfaces
  • Ticket sales and booking system directly on the Pimcore platform

The Success

The centralization implemented by Blackbit eliminates sources of error and, with the new online platform for Hamburg@work, links companies and decision makers on a digital level. This works so well that the new platform was awarded the "Digital Champions Award" for the Northern Region in the category "Digital Transformation and Digital Services".

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