With BigCommerce into the future of e-commerce

Blackbit sets up a new online store based on the software-as-a-service solution BigCommerce, customizes it according to the wishes of the EXPRESSO team and connects the powerful Pimcore X for user-friendly product information management.

The challenge

The starting point of the project was a very well-performing store based on the Pimcore e-commerce framework. The unique selling points and strengths of the previous store, such as the convenient product information management, filter options, the product configurator, and the possibility to personalize the advertising signs of the hand trucks, were to be retained.  In addition, the EXPRESSO team wanted to become more flexible in the design of the storefront end and to have more design freedom to become more independent of external service providers.

Product configuration: Every change is immediately reflected in the product preview, including the updated price

Customers can compile the equipment for individual products according to their own wishes with just a few clicks

With the Page Builder, EXPRESSO employees can: place content inside the store and customize landing pages

Filter options guide the customer quickly to the desired product

The new store offers its customers again the possibility to upload individual logos or texts

More flexibility with BigCommerce as e-commerce frontend

Compared to the two other cloud store systems with a modern software architecture, Shopify and Shopware 6, which were on the shortlist, BigCommerce ultimately came out on top in a direct comparison of costs, speed and range of functions. The Page Builder and the convenient Admin Panel were particularly convincing. By the product options, the personalization of the sack trucks could also be realized in BigCommerce.

The universal BigCommerce theme Cornerstone, which is suitable for extensive product catalogs, was the starting point for the implementation of the design. As much content as possible was realized by Blackbit based on Page Builder Widgets to give the EXPRESSO team as much leeway as possible in designing the storefront end.

Pimcore X: Performance and basis for functional extensions

Since BigCommerce as a software-as-a-service application itself cannot be extended, it made sense to use Pimcore not only as a product information system, but also as a basis for functional extensions. Thus, Pimcore provides an API for additional data and translates the orders from the online store into EDIFACT format, the international standard format for electronic data in business transactions, to finally transfer them to EXPRESSO's merchandise management system.

The success

The success based on the joint experience from many years of cooperation and the usual good communication and close coordination between EXPRESSO and the Blackbit team, the system change from a framework-based individual solution to a software-as-a-service application was successful: The possibilities and advantages of state-of-the-art cloud technology can be used without having to forego proven additional functions that represent a unique selling point among the competition.

Thanks to BigCommerce standards, the new store provides a differentiated approach to various customer segments, including associated pricing models and shipping costs, and allows individual page design using Page Builder. The EXPRESSO team is already familiar with the main functions of the store and is more than happy about the newly gained possibilities.

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