Responsive Websites for London Shopping Attraction

Camden Market is a lively collective of around 1,000 shops along Camden High Street and is considered the second largest tourist attraction in the UK after Buckingham Palace. As one of the most famous and largest markets in London, Camden Market attracts around 30 million visitors each year to its many shops, pubs and restaurants.

The Challenge

After a change of ownership, the popular market was to quickly receive a fresh website including a shop finder. The new website should also look great on mobile devices, be easy to navigate and offer visitors useful information about the numerous shops and events in the shopping district. The new owner Tecrange Services Limited already had a template for the sophisticated, responsive web design ready. Now it was necessary to find a nimble and reliable agency for the implementation.

The Solution

Blackbit took up the challenge and implemented the sophisticated screen design based on Pimcore in record time. The Pimcore object database served as the basis for the shop finder. The backend editors of Camden Market can create the individual shops as objects here and provide them with information such as descriptive texts, contact data, opening hours and pictures via a clearly arranged mask.

Using drag and drop, the categories required for sorting in the shop finder and thematically matching blog entries can be conveniently assigned. We have integrated Amazon CloudSearch for a reliable and fast keyword search.

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